WAF is Zero Trust to Web TrafficJune 1, 2022

WAF is the abbreviation of Web Application Firewall. Cloud WAF is a cloud service of WAF. Cloud WAF identifies malicious behaviors of website or APP traffic, returns normal and secure traffic to the web server, avoids malicious intrusion of the web server, ensures the security of core business data, and solves web server abnormal performance issues caused by malicious attacks. WAF analyzes each web connection and verify each connection. This is zero trust to web traffic. Only normal access is trusted, and abnormal access is not trusted and rejected.

Maybe readers may feel a little abstract for this explanation. Let’s look at the WAF statistics on CerSign website using Alibaba Cloud WAF protection for one month. There were 726 web intrusions blocked and 23,568 malicious scans blocked, and 74 blocked accesses from malicious IP addresses. If there is no Alibaba Cloud WAF protection, I can't imagine the consequences, maybe the website has already fallen.

WAF is Zero Trust to Web Traffic

Readers who know zero trust must know that the principal of zero trust is "Never trust, Always verify", let's take a look at the working mechanism of WAF, whether the website access uses a browser or other machine software, WAF is to never trust every connection, and always verify each connection that the normal access behavior can access website resources, and the abnormal access behavior of the attacker is blocked, thus effectively protecting the security of the website, which is the best practice of zero trust security for website in cloud computing. That's the job of a WAF, never trust every connection, always verify every connection, passing legitimate connections and blocking illegitimate ones.

WAF is Zero Trust to Web Traffic

Since WAF plays a vital role in website security, ZT Browser, the first product of ZoTrus Technology, is the first in the world to show whether the website is protected by WAF on the address bar, so that website visitors can rest assured to visit a website with cloud WAF protection. This is not only technical innovation, but also to protect the safety of online users, because if a user submits personal confidential information on a website, but the website has no security protection, then the user's personal confidential information is very likely to be illegally stolen by website attacks. Therefore, we believe that browsers are obliged to inform users whether the website they are visiting has taken security measures, so that browser users can surf the Internet at ease. ZT Browser exclusively globally does this innovation.

WAF is Zero Trust to Web Traffic

Welcome to download and use ZT Browser for free and experience a different zero trust secure Internet browser. If your website uses cloud WAF protection, but ZT Browser does not display the cloud WAF icon, please tell your cloud WAF service provider to contact us to apply for trusted inclusion certification. After passing the certification, we will update this service provider to our trusted cloud WAF providers database.

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